Institute of Punjabi and Cultural Studies, PU - Lahore

Director's Message

Dr Nabila Rehman

The land of Punjab is an area of subcontinent which had different boundaries in different eras. It is culturely rooted with Indus civilization. This deep and ancient relationship is reflected in its literature and culture. This culturel bonding can be seen in Punjabi ‘s folk and classical literary heritage. The Institute Of Punjabi and Cultural Studies is a gateway where people are being enlightened through language and literature. Now this Institute is going to launch new professional degrees in Punjabi linguistics, culture and media with the aim to meet new challenges in global village through its cultural heritage. It is intended to educate and train students with high moral values, interfaith harmony in society and new emerging knowledge of 21st century. The Institute of Punjabi and Cultural Studies welcomes all students for learning thegreat treasure of language, literature and cultural heritage in a new manner


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